Where It Began

'Cera' is the Latin word for 'Wax', which is what Cera Cotton is all about...

I fell in love with wax cotton during my time working as a Costume Maker in the film industry. I made a wax cotton jacket for a character on a film, and noticed that despite boasting durability and water-resistance, the 600-year-old fabric has primarily been used to create masculine fashion pieces in dark colours with no print. Since wax cotton is such a great substitute for plastic, I saw an opportunity and created a range of 'unapologetically feminine' homewares and accessories. Each piece is 100% plastic-free, made in Durham and vegan friendly. 

We hope you enjoy our products. We are a new business now, but look forward to growing and providing further innovative products, stunning designs, and varied ranges in the short future.

Thank you, Rosie

Cera Cotton Founder

Plastic Free

From the Tencel thread, the zip tape to the final packaging, you can be assured there is no plastic in your purchase

Made in Britain

With our friendly manufacturing facility in Newcastle Upon Tyne, all items are made in-house, ensuring quality and fair working conditions

Made For Modern Life

This may be one of the world's oldest performance fabrics, but be assured that each Cera Cotton piece is thoughtfully designed for busy lifestyles.

Innovative Design

Cera Cotton is a brand-new concept, you won't find our products anywhere else.