Really, 100% Plastic Free?

It may be slightly unbelievable with today’s reliance on plastic, but we take pride in ensuring no plastic is included in the product materials or packaging we send to you. From the Tencel thread to the vinyl free stickers, Cera Cotton is setting the standard for what a sustainable business should be. To prove it, from materials through to packaging, here is a list of what goes into our collections. Keep an eye on our socials for more updates on our fight against plastic.

Wax Cotton

Used by sailors to wax their sails and coats to keep dry, wax cotton has truly stood the test of time. It is thought the first sailors who developed this use were Scottish seafarers voyaging between Scotland and the Baltics, importing flax and linen for the weaving industry. Even today, British factories are renowned as the best in the business for this innovative fabric. Through using low impact manufacturing methods, the cotton fabric is spun through a machine, evenly coating it in a specially formulated wax blend. There are multiple wax blends with different properties and end uses, making it an extremely versatile fabric. Each wax cotton piece is unique, versatile and practical. The fabric is able to be maintained by the end user, allowing it to last for many years, whilst also being 100% biodegradable once its lifespan is over

Tencel Thread

Made of 100% cellulose wood pulp, Tencel thread is an excellent alternative to usual polyesters or even 100% cotton thread. It has a higher resistance when compared to any other cellulosic fibre, avoiding breaking and defects problems, making it the best option to sew. The product is also eco-friendly, being completely biological and biodegradable, therefore perfect to construct your Cera Cotton products.

Cotton Labels

Cotton labels made with 100% natural cotton are the perfect accompaniment to Cera Cotton products. Printed with a high definition ink, as an eco-friendly product they are 100% natural and sustainably sourced from the UK.


Most zips, even those advertised as cotton, have some amount of plastic woven in. Our zips have been specifically sourced as they are 100% cotton and even unbleached. The teeth are brass, and our customised zip pull is also metal, keeping our promise to be plastic-free.


plastic free packaging gift box


Constructed with no glue, our custom printed mailing boxes are 100% compostable, 100% recyclable, printed using alternative eco-friendly inks, biodegradable, renewable and of course, plastic- free. What’s more, they have been designed to make a great storage edition to your home.

non plastic tape packaging


Our kraft paper tape is a great enviro-friendly alternative to plastic tape. Strong enough to secure your packages, all whilst keeping the environment in mind.

zero plastic packaging brown paper

Brown Paper

Who doesn’t love brown paper packages? These aren’t tied up with string, but we keep it traditional as possible with our 100% recycled paper, which is also fully recyclable itself.

non plastic cera cotton stickers


Custom Paper Stickers made with FSC-certified materials and soy based inks. These stickers are 100% recyclable and compostable, adding a touch of sustainable luxury and sophistication to your package.

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