Plastic Free Peg Bag


Plastic Free

100% Vegan

Water Resistant

Made In Britain


Our one-of-a-kind plastic free peg bags are designed to brace the elements, all whilst looking magnificent. A garden staple, but different. Through superb functionality and durability, this could be the last peg bag you ever buy, until you want it in another colour…

Made with 100% wax cotton fabric, which makes it perfectly fine to leave outdoors, year round. Come wind, rain, snow and shine, this wonderful plastic-free peg bag is sure to outlive any cotton, or plastic peg basket alternative. And if, in a few years, you think it needs a re-fresh, then re-waxing will do the trick!

Be assured that your pegs will be kept dry. The water-resistance of wax cotton means this peg bag is the perfect eco addition to your garden, without sacrifice in ability. This plastic-free peg bag is the most eco friendly way to store pegs outside. Not only this, but the choice of 3 beautiful prints will really brighten up your washing line! 

What else is so special about this outdoor plastic free peg bag? Its never been created before! It just makes sense to use a water-resistant, plastic-free fabric rather than what is currently on the market. 

The Cera Cotton Care's Promise

Our peg bags are:

  • Plastic-free
  • Made in Britain
  • Vegan Friendly

- Wax cotton

- H 27cm x W 22.5cm

- 100% cotton label


Wax cotton is hardwearing, resistant to stains and tears. For cleaning, simply wipe with cold or lukewarm water.

It's Not Plastic, It's Better

Wax cotton is water resistant, versatile, and durable enough to leave outside, all year round. All of this and its completely biodegradable.

Our Promise To You

Really, Plastic Free?

To prove that we are 100% plastic free, we have put together components we use in our products and packaging.

Made In Britain

Reducing our carbon footprint is a top priority. Sourcing materials and manufacturing in Britain ensures this.

Cruelty Free

Vegans rejoice! Decorate your home with assurance that no animal products are used in Cera Cotton creations.

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